Lazy Cash Round Ups
Automatically round up any lazy cash from your everyday purchases and see how quickly it adds up.

Set and Forget
Input your details and let us take care of the rest.

Use your existing account
Contribute a bit extra towards your superannuation savings, mortgage or FEE-HELP debt.

What is Carrott?

Carrott is the micro-savings app that helps you contribute a few dollars extra to your superannuation, or paying a bit extra off your mortgage or FEE-HELP. Carrott rounds up any 'lazy cash' (loose change) you may have from your everyday purchases, even if it's just a few cents. Once your lazy cash round up reaches over $5, Carrott debits that lazy money from your account. Then Carrott consolidate all those direct debits and put them into your nominated purpose; superannuation, mortgage or FEE-HELP debt. No paper form, no mess, just set and forget. You will be surprised how quickly that lazy cash can add up.

Isn't it time you used sense to make cents?

Invest your lazy cash

Carrott makes it easy to automatically contribute to your nominated purpose (superannuation, mortgage or FEE-HELP debt). Carrott is a savings and educational tool that to help you contribute to your future; all without having to think about it. You will be amazed at how it all add up. Even setting aside only $10 a week, you would have contributed over $500 in a year.

Use your existing account

We support most of the major superannuation funds, banks, and FEE-HELP debt; which means you don't have to do any additional paperwork to start using Carrott. And we're working hard to add more supported super funds all the time.

Inexpensive way to regularly contribute

Carrott is a powerful saving and educational tool to introduce people, both young and old, to the world of saving, at a time in which compound interest could effect your future. Learn more about our pricing.


Once you have input your details, let us take care of the rest. Just set and forget.

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